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The Best in Quality & Service

Who Is Sanz? Sanz is a European company that was established in 1947 remanufacturing motorcycle engine crankshafts. Their reputation quickly expanded their market to the largest of American motorcycle manufacturers, Harley Davidson. Now over 65 years later, Sanz has used what they refer to as a "policy of quality" to become the worlds most renowned manufacturer of replacement diesel crankshafts.

Who Is SLP? Swedish Lorry Parts was founded in Sweden 1972, by Lars Hedlund to be the first company to manufacture quality aftermarket Volvo replacement parts while offering cost saving to the customer. As Volvo became a world wide industry leader in heavy equipment, large trucks, buses and even marine engines, SLP has grown to meet the demand for quality Volvo replacement parts world wide.

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Volvo / SLP

Offering the full catalogue of all Volvo aftermarket replacement parts manufactured by SLP.

Sanz Crankshafts

Offering a full inventory of Sanz diesel engine crankshafts that are proven both dependable, and durable. Covering industry leaders such as Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo and more

Heavy Crawler and Undercarriage

Heavy crawler service and undercarriage repair is what National Tractor Parts started out doing over 40 years ago. Call us to find out why so many choose our expertise and experience throughout the Midwest for their excavator & heavy equipment service

Ground Engagement

Offering a large selection of quality ground engagement replacement parts for most ground engagement machinery.

Rubber Track

Offering the highest quality rubber track on the market. We cover all varieties of machines as well as rollers & sprockets for your rubber track needs, all fully warrantied.

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