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Heavy Crawler and Undercarriage Heavy crawler service and undercarriage repair is what National Tractor Parts started out doing, and almost a half century later we are proud to be the Midwest's leading experts in the field. We have over 100 years of experienced personnel to address all of your heavy equipment repair and undercarriage service needs. NTP specializes in a wide range of services to minimize your down time. We provide heavy equipment service and repair for most major models including but not limited to Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Volvo, International and more.

Field break down? No problem. National Tractor Parts will send our fully field capable service truck to evaluate your situation at no charge. NTP can remove and service your undercarriage on the job site. If you need more, our full service shop is capable of meeting any heavy equipment or undercarriage service requirements.

National Tractor Parts Service TrucksOnce apart, we pressure wash all components of the undercarriage such as the rollers, upper rollers, idlers, track chain and shoes at no additional charge and begin the individual parts evaluation.

NTP has the most modern tools including a 200 ton WTC-WS200 track press and WTC-WS5E-3 electronic precision track wrench to fully disassemble your heavy crawler tracks. Need new track pads, but your bolts are still good enough? No problem. Need a pin and bushing turn saving you the cost of un-needed parts? National Tractor Parts can do that too. Need everything replaced at the lowest possible cost by people who know what they are doing? Our sales department can ease your troubles.

Idlers wearing you down? Feel the grind no more. One of our specialties is complete idler rebuilding. We are one of the few shops in the Midwest with a WTC Idler Rebuilding machine, used to rebuild the idler wear surface with the correct measurements. We have been on the fore-front of this service for decades and have set the standard. NTP will tear down your idler and inspect all of the components, including seals and o-rings, rebuild your idler wear surface, and return it to "like new" condition at a significant cost savings over complete replacement.

NTP is one of the very few companies that offers re-shelling for lower undercarriage rollers including Caterpillar D8 and D9 Models. We also provide free pickup and delivery of your tracks or undercarriage components within our service area.

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* All manufacturers names, symbols, numbers and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and do not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

Ground Engagement Ground Engagement ServicingWhen it comes to your ground engagement needs, National Tractor Parts has been a leader in this field as well. We have built a reputation for our quality work replacing bucket teeth, scraper & trencher blades and much more. We have skilled welders able to rebuild most buckets on loaders and excavators saving you money, without sacrificing quality or durability.

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Undercarriage Removal

NTP is a full service undercarriage facility. We can provide complete removal and replacement of your undercarriage as needed. All machines are pressure washed at no additional charge before entering our shop to be jacked up onto support blocks. Our trained staff performs all the necessary services with quality always being our priority.

Field Service

NTP maintains a state of the art service vehicle. This allows us to respond to undercarriage emergencies that occur in the field. Our truck is equipped with a heavy crane, air compressor, welder and all the necessary tools to repair your undercarriage on the spot.

Track Press Service

NTP has trained track press technicians with over 30 years of experience. Our 200 Ton WTC-WS200 double ram track press gives us the ability to turn or install pins and bushings on conventional seal washer or S.A.L.T. (Sealed and Lubricated) style track chains for all makes and models.

Idler-Roller Rebuild

NTP is one of the few remaining track shops in the Midwest that rebuilds and re-shells lower rollers. Our WTC Idler Rebuilder is the most modern technology available for idler wheel build up. When we rebuild an idler we first disassemble it so we can thoroughly inspect and clean the internal components.

Bucket Rebuilding

NTP has the latest in equipment for cutting and welding on buckets. This combined with the best bucket rebuilding welding technicians in the industry, means we can offer the best rebuild for the most savings in the industry. We can remove and replace cutting edges, wear plates, corners, and teeth adapters. We can fabricate, build-up or replace worn wear surfaces on a bucket.

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